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AGA shops can be found across the UK and every one of them holds regular cooker demonstrations for new owners, those considering buying an AGA and anyone who’s inherited an AGA and is looking for expert tips and advice.

We have a national network of AGA trained and Approved Demonstrators and here they tell you about their favourite recipes, give hints and tips and offer informative advice on cookware.

James McIntosh


Award winning James McIntosh has been an AGA Demonstrator since 2004 and demonstrates the versatility of the AGA nationwide. His ethos is good family food that is easy to make and cook.

Coming from Northern Ireland he lives in London and has demonstrated in most of the AGA Shops in the UK, USA and Portugal. Outside of AGA he has appeared in many magazines and even on the BBC and China Food TV. He has also completed a series of videos to help you through the AGA Season.

 His 3 favourite pieces of AGA cookware are:

AGA CASSEROLESStainless Steel 3 Piece Casserole Set
– not only do they stack in the Simmering Oven, they come to the boil super quick on the AGA Boiling Plate. By stacking them in the Simmering Oven, a lot of food can be cooked at once with no flavour transfer or cooking smells and if food is left longer than needed it won’t over cook. Brilliant for a busy lifestyle.

Large Hard Anodised Baking TrayLarge Hard Anodised Baking Tray
– lined with the AGA Bake-O-Glide is fantastic for cooking roast potatoes. Just place the potatoes on top, a sprinkle of oil and leave to cook on the floor of the Roasting Oven for 40 – 45 minutes. My tip for advance preparation is using an AGA or Rayburn, the potatoes can be cooled (or indeed frozen, but ensure they are defrosted before re-heating) and then re-roasted for about 20 minutes.

AGA GauntletAGA Gauntlets
– the ultimate protection, not only do these cover your arms to the elbow when reaching in to the deep ovens, but they also feature a unique internal steam and grease barrier designed to give the best possible heat protection.
Available in a range of fabulous designs to suit all tastes.

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Ask the AGA Cookery Doctor

AGA Cookery Doctor Richard Maggs is on hand to answer all of your culinary conundrums.


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