AGA 100 Years

The iconic AGA turns 100 this year

For a century AGA has been bringing life to the kitchen. The company has deep roots in Shropshire – the birthplace of industry – and it is where AGA cookers are still made today.

To hundreds and thousands of devotees the AGA is not simply a cooker but a way of life.

To celebrate the centenary, we've released a bespoke fine bone china "AGA 100" mug, made exclusively in the UK for AGA.

The new generation of AGA Cookers

We understand that our homes have to work harder for us than ever before, which is why we’ve created an AGA cooker for every cook and every kitchen.

The AGA cooker has changed hugely over the last few years and now the vast majority of AGA cookers are electric and many models include the option of state-of-the-art induction hob.

Our 24/7 Radiant Heat collection, featuring the R Series and Dual Control, resembles the original AGA cooker and are designed to remain on all of the time, keeping the kitchen cosy, and, ready to cook whenever you are.

We also offer an Everyday Radiant Heat collection, which includes our eR Series, with models that offer extra functionality for life today. This range features cookers with ovens and hotplates that can be switched on and off independently, so you can control the energy that you use.

The AGA difference – AGA food tastes better

The simple fact is that the AGA is an amazing cooker – easy to use, a joy to live with and a great addition to any home and, of course, it produces great food.

AGA cookers are built from cast-iron which is an excellent material for retaining and radiating heat. This is what makes the AGA different – it cooks using radiant heat which is gentle on food and locks in moisture, flavour and goodness, meaning the food you serve tastes delicious.

And we’ve got the science to back it up, research from the University of Lincoln says that the AGA is more predictable and forgiving, producing food that looks, smells and tastes much better.

Handcrafted and still made in Britain

We are hugely proud that each and every AGA cooker is made in Britain at our factory in Shropshire.

AGA cookers are available in sizes from 60cm to 210cm and individually enamelled in a choice of 16 beautiful colours.


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