Family Easter Baking with Mary Berry Bakeware

The long weekend (and abundance of chocolate in the house!) makes Easter the perfect time for some relaxed family baking. 

You can’t beat a rich, fruity Simnel Cake for a delicious seasonal treat, made easy in the Mary Berry Deep Cake Tin, with its non-stick coating and loose base for easy removal. This is a really fun bake with little ones as they will love mixing in all the fruits and rolling the marzipan balls for decoration.

If you’re looking for a quick, no-bake chocolaty treat for Easter Sunday, a simple chocolate cheesecake is perfect.  Make a buttery digestive base and add a topping of cream, sugar, dark chocolate and soft cheese.  Decorate with colourful mini chocolate eggs and pop in the fridge to enjoy after your easter egg hunt.  The Mary Berry Springform Cake Tin is ideal for this recipe as its easy release sides and non-stick coating ensures a perfectly smooth finish every time.