AGA Christmas Tips, Hints and Hacks

Check dietary requirements with your guests beforehand so you are well prepared to cater for non-meat eaters and any allergies – even if they came last Christmas – lots of people have reviewed their diet.  


Clean out your AGA Refrigerator (or any other refrigerator!) the week before Christmas so you will have room for storing all the perishable Christmas fare.


Check beforehand that you have all the cooking equipment needed; roasting tins, baking trays, casseroles, serving plates and glasses. Consult the AGA Cookshop brochure. Remember AGA Stainless Steel saucepans, casseroles and the special cast aluminium pans can be used on AGA Induction hobs too. 



The AGA Portmeirion range can be put in your freezer as well as the AGA – you can make a dish, freeze it in the AGA Portmeirion, thaw then reheat.


Be safe! Lots of cooking, a fully stacked AGA and hot dishes in the kitchen call for good protection for your hands – please no damp tea towels, they are dangerous as they can transfer heat so quickly.  AGA Gauntlets and Double Oven Gloves have a protective steam and grease barrier and well worth the investment for peace of mind. Indeed the AGA Aprons are well proportioned to protect your festive clothes.



Make the bread sauce and cranberry sauce beforehand (they freeze well if you prefer) and reheat, covered, in their serving dish in the Simmering Oven for about an hour or two before the Christmas meal.


To be well organised make lists of food required and jobs to do – they act as a reminder and you feel good as the items are crossed off!


Invest in an AGA 4-Way Timer so you can keep up-to-date with timing food cooking – even when enjoying a drink with guests out of the kitchen, you can carry it with you if you want.



Christmas is a time to make full use of the Simmering and Warming Oven of your AGA. Rest the turkey in the Warming Oven for up to an hour, cover the Christmas Pudding basin with foil and place in the Simmering Oven for a couple of hours.


If serving canapés instead of a starter allow 3 per person, at least two different ones are fine.


Instead of balls of stuffing individual portions can be made and served in the AGA Portmeirion Mini Muffin Tray.


Dawn Roads

AGA Specialist 2019