AGA Cookery Doctor's Easter Tips


  • For easy melted chocolate to drizzle over Easter cakes or biscuits, simply place a packet of chocolate chips unopened on AGA top plate. Once melted you can snip open a corner and squeeze over whatever you are decorating. Then your used “piping bag” can be tossed into the bin with no washing up.


  • For an easy Sunday lunch pudding, a great Easter twist on bread and butter pudding is to use halved hot cross buns. For the ultimate in luxury, also spread generously with Nutella.


  • To reheat and restore freshness to croissants on Easter morning, place in a clean baker’s paper bag and shake in a few drops of water. Close and place in the centre of the Roasting Oven for a five minutes. They will heat through perfectly without drying out and retain their delicious buttery flavour. The AGA Cookery Doctor


  • Toast hot cross buns – with no burnt sultanas – on the open AGA toaster on the boiling plate with the AGA lid left up.  Toast the outer surfaces first for a minute, then the insides for 1 – 1½ minutes.