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AGA specialist, foodie and recipe writer Na Hansell shares her tried and trusted AGA Cookshop favourites in a new series of blogs…

The Most Useful Pan in my Kitchen: AGA Cast Aluminium Sauté Pan

If I only owned one pan to cook with my AGA, the Cast Aluminium Sauté Pan would be it. This non-stick, do-it-all pan is the perfect size for whipping up a variety of family favourites including sautéed meat and veggies, warming winter stews, paella, risotto and curries… the list goes on! Gently heating garlic, onion and spices as a base for a delicious dal is a joy in the sauté pan, before adding red lentils and water, simmering and serving – simple and delicious one pan cooking.

The sauté pan has deeper and straighter sides than a fry pan which makes it perfect for searing joints, poaching eggs and deep frying dishes such as tempura fish and vegetables.

The solid cast aluminium base provides excellent heat distribution and a Pyrex® glass lid is available to fit the pan which is great for steaming and locking in the moisture when using on the AGA tops and in the simmering oven. The handle can be removed at the touch of a button which is great for safely moving the pan to the AGA ovens or placing in the centre of the dining table, for everyone to tuck in and enjoy.

By AGA Demonstrator Na Hansell

Instagram: Nahansell_inspiringcooking