It’s the season of colourful leaves and comfort food… nothing beats arriving home on a chilly day to the welcoming warmth of the AGA, a bowl of slow cooked goodness and curling up in front of the fire.

The AGA simmering oven is a cook’s best friend during the autumn and winter months.  Simple, delicious comfort food is created in this cavity which is set to a low, slow temperature – just pop in the oven and let it work it’s magic over a few hours.  This cast iron oven uses radiant heat to gently cook dishes locking in the flavour, texture and goodness - it also means you don’t need additional appliances taking up valuable worktop space in your kitchen.

The simmering oven is also brilliant for producing melt-in-the-mouth meals using more economical cuts of meat such as beef brisket, skirt and shin.  I make big batches of family favourites and freeze them ready to use when I’m short of time.

Here's my quick guide to the top pieces of AGA cookware to create those crowd-pleasing, slow-cooked autumnal classics:

Cast Aluminium Roaster with Griddle Lid – this versatile, lightweight piece of cookware is perfect for succulent Pulled Pork, chicken or lamb dishes.  The clever griddle lid can also be used on the hotplate or base of the roasting oven for grilling your cooked breakfast or searing steak.

Cast Iron Casserolesthe 26cm deep casserole and 30cm buffet casserole are brilliant all-round pieces of cookware for succulent stews, cassoulets, chillies and curries, hot pots or a delicious fruity Moroccan Lamb Tagine.  The petite 16cm cast iron casserole slow cooks a single lamb shank beautifully with just a tin of chopped tomatoes and a sprig of rosemary.

Portmeirion for AGA Stacking Casseroles – fabulous porcelain oven to tableware, these large capacity casserole dishes stack snugly on top of each other in the AGA ovens which is perfect when autumn batch cooking.