Healthy New Year Cooking

I love the New Year… time for a fresh outlook, new challenges and healthier foods after the excesses of Christmas.  My go-to pieces of cookware for healthy January cooking (and beyond!) are the AGA Cast Aluminium Sauté Pan and the AGA Cast Aluminium Vaporgrill:

AGA Cast Aluminium Sauté Pan

Perfect for a nutritious stir fry which locks in the goodness of vegetables with fast, fierce frying.  Pre-heat on the boiling plate and add a low-calorie spray oil before fast frying strips of turkey, pak choi, peppers, spring onions, baby corn and mange tout for a delicious meal cooked in minutes.  Add a sweet and sour sauce made with low salt soy sauce, white wine vinegar, honey, ginger and garlic.

The cast aluminium sauté pan is super-lightweight and features a flat, wide bottom to make seamless contact with the AGA hotplate for even heat distribution.  It also has a handy removable handle for oven use.

AGA Cast Aluminium Vaporgrill

The brilliant AGA Vaporgrill is my go-to for steam cooking fish, chicken and vegetables.

Simply pour water into the bottom of the grill (being careful not cover the raised grill lines), cover with the glass lid and bring to the boil on the AGA boiling plate.  For a healthy and quick mid-week meal; add salmon fillets, tender stem broccoli and cherry tomatoes, cover and move to the simmering plate. Remove the lid and once the water has evaporated, serve with brown rice.

The Vaporgrill can also be used without water to chargrill steak, marinated chicken and vegetable kebabs.

Both pieces of cookware are also really simple to clean due to their non-stick coatings, which makes washing up is just as easy as the cooking!

By AGA Demonstrator Na Hansell

Instagram: Nahansell_inspiringcooking