Bella the Labrador

Who is Bella the Labrador?

Introducing our Top Dog Star - Bella

Bella is 3 years old and her favourite AGA cooked food is – well anything, she's a Labrador! Bella’s favourite pastime is lying in front of the AGA in her new AGA bed! Her funniest story is that she is terrified of a feral ginger tom cat that has become tame and walks into the kitchen as if he owns it! She hides behind the sofa or up the stairs and won't come out until the cat disappears. She won't even try and eat out of his bowl of food! Bella’s favourite pastime is going for the daily walk around the farm checking the sheep, the Longhorn cattle, and the two alpacas Jimmi & Elton and the two horses Jack & Treasure and feeding the chickens. Her only dislike is the ginger cat, now called Marmaduke!

Bella and Rosemary

Rosemary - Bella's Owner

Why I love my AGA

My AGA is the heart of the kitchen and my workhorse for the Bed & Breakfast business I own. It cooks full English breakfasts, all in the top oven, and it airs and irons the sheets. It is also busy at certain times of year, warming up newly born lambs, pigs & chicks!! My favourite piece of equipment is my large AGA roasting tin as it is so versatile. It cooks the daily breakfasts for my guests, it makes wonderful tray bake cakes and it roasts our meat beautifully. My favourite dish is Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with our own Longhorn beef. My AGA is a British Racing green LPG gas two oven with an AGA module which has two electric ovens and a gas hob. It therefore enables me to cook if we have a power cut or run out of gas or just want to turn it off on hot summer days.