Bolov the Dachshund

Who is Bolov the Dachshund?

Introducing our Top Dog Star Bolov

Bolov is 1 ½ years old and her favourite AGA cooked food is lamb shank as she cant wait to have the bones (and if shes lucky then some of the meat). Bolov loves to lie in front of the AGA to keep warm and one of the funniest stories about Bolov has to be when her owner Immy when to collect her and Immy’s other two dogs new leather collars. At lunchtime, Immy came home to put them on all 3 dogs but by the time she returned from work in the afternoon, Bolov had eaten one of the collars off another dog and all that was left was the buckle! Bolovs favourite pastime has to be either eating or destroying all of her toys and the one thing.

Bolov and Immy


Immy– Bolov’s Owner

Why I love my AGA

My AGA is a navy blue 2 oven AGA. The thing I love the most about my AGA is the fact that it is always ready to use and that its great at heating the kitchen. Other than the kettle, the most used cookware item has to be the sauté pan, it is used practically every day for Casseroles, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli and Stir Frys etc. Probably my favourite dish to cook is a Chinese Stir Fry.