Brynley the Springer Spaniel

Who is Brynley the Springer Spaniel (shown with the very fetching floral neckerchief)?

Introducing our Top Dog Star - Brynley

Brynley is 16 months old and as a growing boy, he loves any food cooked on the AGA but his favourite is Greek Beef Brisket cooked by his owner Louise. The thing he loves most about the AGA is its incredible ability to always have something delicious and edible coming out of the ovens. Brynley is a trained gun dog and his favourite pastime is going out on a shoot with Mummy – and a big cuddle on Mummy’s lap. His funniest story is when his mummy went out and returned to find she had a white garden – it wasn’t snow but 2 of the deck cushions from outside in the rattan chairs were deposited in fluffy clusters all over the place! Brynley also has a favourite bush in the back garden where he takes all his blankets from his bed and hides them. 

Brynley and Louise


Louise – Brynley’s Owner

Why I love my AGA

For me, I couldn’t live without my AGA – yes it’s really that dramatic. I have a 4 oven gas fired cream AGA and its 7 years old. As a Mum of 3 hungry children (19, 15 and 11) married to a Greek with a nice big extended family, my AGA really has become the heart of the home. From day to day eating, to girlie suppers, Birthdays and “on mass” gatherings, my AGA provides everything and more that I need. I think what I love the most about my AGA is its easy flexibility, from lunches to laundry, breakfasts to birthdays, simple coffee and cake with friends, the AGA companionably sits warmly in the kitchen pulling you with its radiant heat. My favourite dishes to cook include brisket hotpot and white chocolate and raspberry brownies. My favourite cookware item is my sauté ceramic pan and I adore all the textiles. My AGA is a member of the family and we all love it.