Cleaning your AGA cooker

An AGA is very easy to keep clean, particularly if you don't allow it to become dirty! The following tips may be of help:

The main, hot ovens and hotplates help to keep themselves clean by carbonising cooking spills and splashes. Just brush off the carbon dust. For stubborn stains, don't be afraid to use a wire brush on the plain cast-iron components.

If spills have become baked on to the enamel, use a soap filled pad, not too coarse, so as to avoid scratching the enamel DO NOT use 'oven cleaners'. Splashes and spills on the vitreous enamel should be wiped away as soon as possible, using a damp (not wet) soft cloth. The AGA e-cloths are ideal. You can use a specific product such as the AGA enamel cleaner. Never use a cold wet cloth.

Likewise the inner linings of the oven doors and insulating lids can be cleaned with a cream cleanser or for more stubborn marks, a soap filled pad. The lining will show some marks but will shine beautifully.

The doors may be lifted off to make cleaning easier, but don't get them mixed up, or immerse them in water.

The polished insulating lids and handrail can be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth, followed by a wet cloth, finishing by polishing with a clean dry cloth.  

Any spillage of milk or fruit-juice on to the enamel, must be wiped up straight away, as the acidity may stain the front plate and doors. Again the AGA e-cloths are excellent and lint free.

If liquids boil over or spill over around the hotplates, disappearing under the top plate, don't worry, they will soon evaporate without damage.

The insulating rings around each hotplate can be removed for cleaning, but don't get them mixed up and try and replace them back in the same position. There is often a small notch mark which should  face towards the rear of the cooker.

Some components such as the handrail brackets and side panels are powder coated (painted) and nothing abrasive should be used on them, even 'Astonish', use a soap filled pad.

If you see fluff or dust building up around the burner door or the flue chamber, this can be safely removed with a soft brush. DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner, when the burner is alight.