There is a great deal of interest at present in vegetarian and vegan food. According to the Vegan Society more than 1% of the UK population is vegan and half of these are young people, those in the 15-34 year old age group. So in writing this blog my thoughts were what dish would appeal – burgers seemed to ‘fit the bill’ A plant based meal is one that many of us have started to eat at least once a week, for reasons of health, conscience, economy or environment. After sampling these burgers you may wish to add ‘taste’ to your list of reasons to go meat-free. The main constituent of the burgers are canned chick peas and pinto beans, of course you can buy these dried then cook them, incidentally any cooked beans left-over I have found freeze particularly well. However on this occasion for ease and convenience I have used cans, straight from the store cupboard. The beans are flavoured with aromatics of ginger, chilli, garlic and spring onions and easily bind together with lemon juice. See the recipe for ingredients, quantities and how to make.



I chose the AGA Cast Aluminium Flat Griddle Plate to cook these burgers, it is used on the floor of the Roasting Oven, so that elevates any fat splashing on the top plate and minimal cooking smells. It is also big enough and joy of joys is non-stick and easy to clean!