Freddie and Bertie the Border Collies

Who are Freddie and Bertie the Border Collies?

Introducing our Top Dogs – Freddie and Bertie

Freddie is three and Bertie is two - they are half brothers - no way would we have had 2 Border Collie puppies together!  Freddie is a red merle and Bertie a red and white.  Freddie is very intelligent whilst Bertie is extremely loving and is like a teddy bear as he always wants a cuddle. Freddie and Bertie’s favourite AGA cooked food is without a doubt, the liver cake made using the recipe from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Freddie and Bertie love lying in front of the AGA to dry off after a wet muddy walk around the woodlands and paddling in the streams! The funniest story about Freddie and Bertie is when their owner went to a food festival and, as it was Freddie's birthday, she bought a pack of handmade cheesy dog biscuits in a beautifully presented,  unmarked pack with a bow and ribbon.  She left them in the kitchen and took Freddie and Bertie out for their walk intending to share the treats on return to celebrate Freddie's birthday.  Her husband knew she had been to a food fair and unfortunately decided to help himself to the attractive looking biscuits. When Freddie and Bertie returned, he asked what the biscuits were made of as he thought they were a bit hard and had an unusual taste!  Needless to say that Freddie and Bertie were very disappointed to have lost some of their treats but they did enjoy the few remaining biscuits! Freddie and Bertie both do dog agility - they love the training - being rewarded with the AGA baked liver cake and playing with a tuggy toy.  They both get incredibly excited when they can jump over fences and run as fast as they can through the tunnels.  They also love going to the lovely Devon beaches and chasing a tennis ball across the sand.

Freddie, Bertie and Andree

Andrée - Freddie and Bertie's owner

Why I love my AGA

The thing I love the most about my AGA  is the constant warmth, everyone loves to lean on the AGA and warm up especially when they come in from outside and the AGA becomes a focus in  the kitchen.   I love the fact it is multipurpose and even does my ironing for me!
We just love the AGA toaster - whether it's toasting the AGA home baked wholemeal bread, tea cakes or our local saffron buns.  AGA toast tastes just wonderful compared to that made in a conventional toaster. I have only had an AGA for 4 months and I'm proud to say that I can now make delicious, well risen fruit scones - a must for Devon cream teas. Although I have also enjoyed making the AGA overnight cheesecake and slow cooked beef casserole. My AGA is a Blue 2 Oven AGA.