Hot Chocolate Day Inspiration 

We don’t need an excuse for enjoying hot chocolate this time of the year – sweet and indulgent, it’s the perfect winter warmer.   

Making hot chocolate is easy on the AGA; simply warm your milk in a Stainless Steel Sauce Pot on the simmering plate, remove from the heat and spoon in hot chocolate powder or add chunks of chocolate to gently melt. 

To celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day, here are six of our favourite flavours to make your drink even more delicious: 

Black Forest – Add 10ml cherry liqueur and 10ml vanilla vodka 

Orange – Add finely grated orange zest 

Irish – Add 20ml Irish cream liqueur 

Mint – Add a dash of peppermint extract 

Nutty – Add a teaspoon on hazelnut chocolate spread 

Chilli – Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon  

Once your flavours have been added, stir, pour straight from the saucepot and enjoy!