The meaning of pilau is a flavoured rice using spices and often using meat, it’s origin probably lies in Persia but it is known all over the East and Middle East.  Various forms crop up under different names, such as pilaf, biryani, plov and there are many recipes but most rice-based.

Thinking of an easy meal for Mothering Sunday and something that could be made and served from one pot – indeed a dish a little more out of the ordinary – then the Lamb Pilau fitted the brief!  Moreover it also ticked the box of using British Lamb, as Sunday sees the beginning of ‘British Butchers’ Week’ – in support of butchers, particularly local and independent.  I cannot praise my local butcher enough, he’s the one who cuts meat (locally sourced) to my requirements, I can take a roasting tin into the shop and have the meat cut to size.  The whole family gets involved at busy times and he provides his gourmet burgers to be cooked at various festivals, including Glastonbury!  Thank you Martyn .  Plus he has recently had his AGA Dual Control installed.

However I digress – back to the pilau.  This is made in the shallow AGA 3 litre stainless steel casserole which means the dish can be made in the one pot and served from this too and afterwards it can go into the dishwasher.  The casserole pan has a tri-core base, a circle of heat conducting aluminium residing between the stainless steel, so it gives the best cooking performance – coming to the boil quickly and even cooking.  As with other AGA pans the lid is flat for stacking in the Simmering Oven (making the best use of space) or for storing in a saucepan drawer.

The spices can be hand ground with a pestle and mortar or a spice grinder and toasted off in the casserole base before adding the minced meat to brown.


Another advantage of this recipe is that it is cooked in the Simmering Oven, who’s gentle heat means that it will wait if Mother has another glass of something cold and bubbly before eating.  Seriously although the recipe states cook for 20 minutes I have found it will ‘keep’ for around an hour without any detriment to texture!
Note to self!  Obviously the handles of the casserole will get hot in the Simmering Oven so remember to use the AGA oven gauntlets to remove the casserole pan and lid!

The Lamb Pilau can be served garnished with fresh coriander however the addition of yogurt lifts the dish.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all Mothers.

By AGA Cooking Specialist Dawn Roads.


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