Max the Highland Terrier

Who is Max – the Highland Terrier?

Introducing our Top Dog – Max

Max will be 6 years old on 28th October this year, this is an honorary birthday as his owners do not know the day he was born as he is a little rescue dog. Max loves to run along the beach and go for long walks. His best friend is Buttons, the little Yorkshire terrier that lives with max and his owners.  His favourite AGA cooked food is slow cooked mince cooked for hours and then its mixed with his dog food.  On his birthday and on Button's birthday they always have a fillet steak between them cooked in the AGA. Max's favourite place is lying next to the AGA with his front paws and back paws resting on it to keep warm.  He spends all his time in the winter curled up against it to keep warm. Max’s favourite past time is to roll in fox poo and jump in the dirtiest water/puddles he can find.  He has to go in the bath when he gets home.  He does not like being bathed and runs away and hides under the bed. Max's favourite past time is going to the beach, running along the sand and jumping in the rock pools then meeting all his other doggie pals. His biggest dislike is when it’s cold he does not like having his woolly jumper or coat on- he runs away and hides.

Max and Sue


Sue – Max’s owner

Why I love my AGA

I absolutely love my Aga.  We bought it second hand 23 years ago and had it installed in our brand new house.  It is like my best friend it is so easy to use.  My AGA keeps the whole house warm and I dry all my washing on it - I have never owned a tumble drier or hardly ever iron  anything as my AGA does it all for me.  It is in my breakfast room and keeps the heart of the house so warm and cosy.  I could not be without my AGA I would feel like I had lost my best friend as I love it so much. I use my Aga 3 litre aluminium kettle every single day and do not own an electric kettle. I have a few favourite dishes I cook on my AGA but I love to cook slow roasted belly pork which comes out so tender with a lovely crisp crackling which the family love. My AGA is a 2 oven Gas in British Racing Green. My dream is a new electric Aga in white which I am saving for!