Parmesan Crisps with Zesty Crab Canapé

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Grated fresh Parmesan cheese is best for these crisp savoury ‘biscuits’.  Place a circle of Bake-O-Glide onto the Simmering Plate and sprinkle tablespoons of grated Parmesan onto it, cook 3 at a time.  Cook for 3-4 minutes until melted and the crisps look lacy and are beginning to go golden. Sprinkle with a little paprika or cayenne and chopped parsley or chives. Remove the circle of Bake-O-Glide from the Simmering Plate – I find a pair of silicone tongs best for this – and allow to cool for a minute then the crisps are easy to remove with a fish slice.

When the Parmesan crisps are hot they can be moulded over the base of an egg cup or upturned espresso cup to create a holder for a zesty crab mixture. Omit the paprika, cayenne and herbs.  These crisps are very delicate so only make the canapé big enough for one mouthful (to save embarrassment!).  For the filling mix white crab meat with the grated zest of a lime and the juice of half the lime, season and fill the Parmesan crisps just before serving. Garnish with lime zest or chopped parsley.

By Dawn Roads

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