The Perfect Cheeseboard

Tips on building the perfect cheeseboard from Hero Hirsh. Hero won Cheesemonger of the Year at the 2012 World Cheese Awards. Here are her tips to creating the perfect Christmas cheeseboard.



   If you are looking to create a cheeseboard as part of a Christmas meal I’d suggest allowing each person about 100g to 125g of cheese. If you are looking for a        festive supper then I’d allow/give each person 150g each. Also, I’d suggest that you create a cheeseboard with three or four cheese.

   Styles & Textures

   You want to create a cheeseboard that offers different styles, textures and flavours for your guests to enjoy. Combine Cheddar, Stilton and Brie which have always    been popular as you’ve got a blue, a hard cheese and a soft cheese. You could be more adventurous in the cheeses you select and there are so many great new    British artisan cheeses to enjoy – instead of a Brie try a Morangie Brie or Tunworth; instead of Cheddar try a Lincolnshire Poacher or Kirkham’s Lancashire; and      instead of Stilton try Barkham Blue or Devon Blue.


It is a good idea to look at what other food you are serving for the meal. Will the food served prior to the cheese course be heavy in flavours? If so then think about collecting cheeses that have a stronger flavour so that they complement preceding courses. The cheese course should be a continuation of flavours so that your guests can really enjoy it.

Where to buy

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