Quick Stop Vegetable Stir Fry by Foreign

After a tiring day working at Blades Heating and when I'm trying to be healthy ('trying' being the operative word) I love being able to make a stir fry out of any vegetables left in our fridge and egg noodles from the cupboard for a mid week dinner .

There is a urban myth that an AGA isn't best for stir fry. IT'S A MYTH, the AGA's great at stir fry's by its self, but the AGA removable hand wok makes it even easier.

All because the handle is recoverable so you can get the wok extra hot without having the AGA lids up to long.


Last Monday I had some leftover cooked broccoli and carrot stick from dinner the night before, so I decided to make use of them. All I did was placed the wok in the roasting oven to get nice and hot (while that was getting hot I put a pan of water on to boil for the noodles and cooked a the packet as instructed). Once hot transfer the wok to the hot plate by one clicking on the handle ( no burnt hands thanks to the removable handle, I don't know about anyone else but when I normally get a pan out of the oven I always forget it's hot - I will never learn).  I add sesame seed oil, chopped garlic and ginger to wok and fry for a few minutes.


Then I throw in the sliced broccoli and carrot sticks corns and cook for a bit longer. Then I just added the cooked noodles and drizzle over plum sauce, honey and a dash of soy sauce.

To make it look fancy I sprinkled over flaked almonds and tuck in. This took in all 6 minutes and I was able to multitask, by feeding the dog at the same time ( which was a bonus). I will use any vegetables available for this stir fry, the more the merrier.

Plus it only takes seconds to clean up as the wok is non stick - anything to make life easier.