Rosie the Parson Russell Terrier

Who is Rosie the Parsons Russell Terrier?

Introducing our Top Dog – Rosie
Rosie is 8 years old and her favourite AGA cooked food is  dried liver – her owners dry this out in the simmering oven over 6 – 8 hours, and give it to her as treats. The things Rosie loves the most about her AGA is that she loves the warmth it radiates, she hates cold weather and welds herself to the AGA to keep as warm as she can. The funniest story about Rosie is when her owners swapped their 52 year old oil burning AGA for a new black total control model. When they came to remove the old AGA she was bereft and spent a long time looking at the place where the old AGA had been. Rosie’s favourite pastime is paddling in the stream and her biggest dislike is the cold and the rain.

Rosie and Hilary


Hilary - Rosie's Owner  

Why I love my AGA
The thing I love most about my AGA is - Everything! The half size stainless steel roasting tins which I use for roast meat, vegetables and cooking cakes is the one piece of cookware I tend to use the most. My favourite dish to cook on my AGA is slow cooked casseroles in the simmering oven. My new AGA is a Black 3 oven Total Control.