Friday nights in our house is around the world cuisine night. My eldest son Fynn who is 8, loves to try different foods and tastes and so Friday evenings we treat ourselves to a veritable feast from around the world (sometimes AGA cooked sometimes local restaurant....). I saw this as an opportunity to test out the lovely new Portmeirion Gratin Dish from our collection. Perfect size for stuffed peppers and even better, the dish goes on the runners which i find so much easier when cooking. For the filling, spicy pork mince worked a treat and takes no time to cook in the cast aluminium frypan which, washes really well too.


The end result looked delicious and only took 20 minutes from frying off the mince to finishing off in the roasting oven. My son Fynn and my younger son Noah (4) loved this, especially with a rather large dose of soured cream and spicy rice to accompany. An easy tea and even better with a mommy glass of wine....Happy Weekend AGA People.