The history of the iconic AGA chef's pad

In 1996 AGA introduced a new element to their already renowned kitchen textile range – 100% cotton, robust terry towelling. Unlike bathroom terry, the Aga terry is made from thicker, stronger yarn which becomes more effective after subsequent washes.


We had our light bulb moment when we invented the iconic Chef Pad which incorporates the very best terry toweling cloth and is still our number one seller nearly 20 years on.

No more scratching of the lovely chrome lids when plates are warming or pans resting on top.


The terry is pliable and relatively non-slip so the pans and plates nestle safely.


A Chef Pad becomes an extra oven/hob aid to grab the pan when the oven gloves have disappeared (again)


Casseroles can be covered with one or two pads, to retain heat.


They are the perfect protector of all surfaces, so a handy trivet.


In addition to our functional black and white all terry version – a customer favourite, we have the opportunity to amuse and decorate your kitchen with pads featuring our wonderful terry toweling on one side and printed cloth designs on the other.


TIP. It is not recommended to leave chefs pads unattended on the hot plate lids for long periods of time



All Black Chef's Pad