BBQ season is finally here and AGA cookware is the perfect no matter what the great British summer brings. I love relaxed outdoor cooking and dining al fresco with friends and family – from a fresh pizza in the outdoor pizza oven, to a perfectly seared steak or charring kebabs on the BBQ.

Here are my favourite versatile pieces of AGA Cookshop outdoor cookware:

The Black Iron Fry Pan and Black Iron Serving Pan perform brilliantly on both your outdoor grill if the sun shines, or on the AGA if rain brings dining indoors. Ideal for fast, fierce frying of meat, fish or vegetables, they heat up quickly and retain a high, even temperature. The stylish serving pan is also perfect for sociable dining - place a paella or stir fry in the centre of the table so everyone can dig in and serve themselves.

AGA Hand-Forged Skewers are hand-made from robust stainless steel and are perfect for meat, jacket potatoes, grilled fruit or crowd-pleasing vegetable and halloumi kebabs – I love to marinade mine with harissa paste, honey and oil before placing on the BBQ for a few minutes on each side. They can also be used to griddle directly on the AGA hotplate or griddle pan.

Nothing tastes quite like home-made pizza. A great one to involve the kids with and personalise with everyone’s favourite toppings. If you have an outdoor pizza oven, the AGA Baker’s Paddle is ideal for retrieving freshly baked loaves and pizzas or from the deep AGA ovens.