Strawberry Flan Recipe

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Serves 8-10

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Serves 8-10


1 x Emilie Henri Flan Dish


350g (12 oz) shortcrust pastry

Egg white

2 strawberry jellies

850ml (1½ pints) water

425ml (¾ pint) double cream, whipped

Large punnet strawberries

Glaze: (optional)

3 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp water



 Line the flan dish with the shortcrust pastry allowing the pastry to overhang a little.  To bake the pastry case blind, cut a large circle of baking parchment and place over the pastry, the paper should reach over the edges of the flan dish.  Fill the paper with baking beans or dried pasta – filling to the top of the lined flan dish means there is little shrinkage of the pastry.

 2, 3, 4 and 5 oven AGA:  Place the flan dish on the floor of the Roasting Oven and bake for 10-15 minutes.  Remove from the oven.

AGA City60:  Use the floor grid.

 Carefully remove the baking parchment paper with the beans or pasta.  Brush the base of the pastry with a little egg white.  Return to the Roasting Oven and bake for a further 8-10 minutes until the pastry is golden and cooked.  Remove from the oven and cool.  Trim the excess pastry around the edges with a sharp knife.

 Make up the jellies, according to pack instructions, but using in total 850ml (1½ pints) water.  Allow to cool until almost set.  Put 100ml (3½ fl oz) in a separate basin.

 Whip the double cream and fold in the larger quantity of jelly.  Pour into the pastry lined flan dish, smooth the surface and leave to set completely.

Hull the strawberries and cut the stalk end flat so it stands up straight.  Place the strawberries on the set strawberry cream.  Take the saved 100ml jelly and whisk it with a fork and place between the strawberries, so none of the strawberry cream can be seen.

 For the glaze dissolve the sugar in the water on the Simmering Plate. Allow to cool then brush the glaze over the strawberries.

 Dawn Roads

AGA Food Editor

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