Top Dog Textiles

Where it all began

Here at AGA Cookshop we have developed a fabulous new range of kitchen textiles called Top Dog, incorporating our own innovative and classic designs that continually offer premium quality and maximum insulation.

The creation of the print has been born from a competition launched with AGA owners nationwide to find out what breed of dogs are the most popular. Over 500 people responded and we received an array of beautiful stories and images from AGA owners up and down the Country.

The top 8 breeds of dogs were then chosen and developed into a design resulting in a beautiful, stylish and innovative print to use across our textile range.

To help tell the story of Top Dog, we are launching an exciting  marketing campaign featuring 3 of the top dog breeds to show how much AGA dogs and their owners truly love their AGA.

Over the next few weeks, we want to share with you a story about all of the dogs featured on the design and why they love their AGA.

Here's the full length behind the scenes video of how we shot our exciting new marketing campaign for Top Dog and meet our doggie stars Bella, Bolov and Brynley.

Top Dog Textiles Teaser

Meet Bella the Labrador and her owner Rosemary

Meet Brynley the Springer Spaniel and his owner Louise

Meet Bolov the Dachshund and her owner Immy

Meet more of the AGA Top Dogs featured on our fabulous textiles

Max the German Shepherd

Max the Highland Terrier

Rosie the Parson Russell Terrier

Max the Cocker Spaniel

Freddie and Bertie the Border Collies

We love our Top Dog story and hope you enjoy our journey.